GT Carpe Diem

Empowering student voice through the four steps to successful self-advocacy.

                        GT Carpe Diem Workshop Reviews

What adults are saying . . .


“This is a landmark and unique contribution to our field.”

Dr. Jim Delisle, Distinguished Professor of Education, Kent State University (Retired)


"I strongly support the concept of teaching gifted young people self-advocacy skills which will do them good stead throughout their lives."

Judy Galbraith, Founder, Free Spirit Publishing

I want to thank you for a wonderful resource... The Power of Self-Advocacy for Gifted Learners. I implemented your workshop ideas through a six week program with 12 gifted students. The results were amazing and the students came away with wonderful insight and skills. I am thrilled. I have always been an advocate for gifted students, but this project with help from your ideas has given me the push and skills I needed to bring this skill to every student. Thank you!

Diana, Kent, OH


“The workshop provided a first step for many of my students - they began a conversation with me that they hadn’t felt comfortable initiating and are now speaking up for themselves and ensuring their voices are heard!”

Janell, Waunakee, WI


An informative and exciting day for students and teachers alike!  Our discussions gave me great ideas about how to grow my role in working with students, and my students felt empowered and inspired by the self-discovery process.“

Laura, Stoughton WI

“This workshop empowers students in so many ways.  The self-advocacy activities helped my students recognize their uniqueness, provided them with educational options that connect to their needs and strengths, and taught them ways to advocate effectively within the school setting. They were truly energized and couldn't wait to implement what they had learned and share their knowledge with peers who were unable to attend. Truly transformational and highly recommended!”

Sharon, Cambridge, WI


“This workshop creates an environment where students are very comfortable and feel they can talk freely about their concerns.  It helps them develop a greater understanding of the advantages and challenges of being gifted and therefore an acceptance of who they are.  They learn to define what they need and to develop strategies to ask for it.   This enlightening empowers students with the vital life skill of self-advocacy.

Kitty, McFarland, WI


My students left the workshop saying this was the best workshop they had ever attended.  They left as empowered learners with a better understanding of themselves as learners and a "toolbox" of techniques for self-advocating in the future.”

Amy, Oregon WI


"I wish Deb’s Self-Advocacy Workshop had been around when I was a girl! It would have helped me discover that I wasn’t alone–that there are other kids out there with learning needs beyond the norm, and that it’s okay to be different. Deb helps gifted kids recognize their own learning styles and preferences and teaches them how to advocate with confidence and respect. I highly recommend this workshop!"

Lorie, Madison, WI




And from the teens themselves . . .

  • It was really fun and I learned a lot about myself and my peers. Kira

  • This workshop was very helpful. Maia

  • Really fun and inspirational. I really enjoyed this workshop. Marcie

  • It helped a lot! Kat

  • Helpful, good way to interact with others. Wish it was longer with more time to interact. Wish this was done on a monthly basis to improve my interaction with "able-minded" peers. Ashley

  • This was awesome. Briana

  • It seemed kind of boring when I first heard about this workshop but it turned out to be really fun. Zosia

  • Loved this! Nice job!!! Callie

  • Great. Well set-up workshop. Mitch

  • I would recommend this for students who feel they are struggling. Issi

  • Very FUN experience. Sean

  • It was a good learning experience. Thank you! Dane

  • Thank you very much! I enjoyed this a lot. I have learned quite a bit. It should be longer! : ) Julia

  • Amazing!! Aidan

  • I learned a lot: definitely not a waste of time. : ) Riley

  • This workshop is perfect. Alan

  • I think this workshop is already at its "full potential!" Otto

  • I had a great time and met some new friends. Kaia

  • I thought this was an enjoyable and intriguing experience. Ashley

  • I loved it! I wish I could have done this a long time ago! Emma

  • I learned about myself and what I could do and what I can do if I apply myself fully. Michael

  • Keep on doing this. You are changing kids lives! And making me realize my needs and rights. Nolan

  • We often hear these clichéd terms about what being "gifted" means, but today helped me realize that it isn't so much about why being gifted makes you different from others, but how being gifted can help your own life journey through learning preferences, personality traits and self-advocacy. Devin

  • Changed my outlook on my learning path! Thank you very much! Shondra

  • I loved the spark of hope you gave us to explore and further our education needs. Becca

  • This workshop changed my entire view on being gifted. Natalie

  • Learning for Carpe Diem is an opportunity I wished I had earlier. Erik