GT Carpe Diem

Empowering student voice through the four steps to successful self-advocacy.

GT Carpe Diem Workshops empower gifted teens to speak up for themselves through a clearer understanding of their unique needs as outliers and their rights to an appropriately challenging educational experience. 

Following this day of exploration and reflection they are better able to take charge of their own educations and lives.

During these one-day interactive workshops, students (generally in grades 5-12) learn the four steps to successful self-advocacy:

  • Discover your rights and responsibilities

  • Reflect on your individual learner profiles

  • Match your attributes to appropriate options and opportunities 

  • Practice effectively communicating your needs to those who can help

Adults who attend (teachers, gifted ed. coordinators and school counselors) actively engage with students throughout the day and advocate for them back in their home schools.

Go to Seize a Day for info on hosting a workshop in your community.

Give a child a challenge and you interest her for the moment. 
Teach her to self-advocate and you empower her for a lifetime.

Essential Understandings

  1. Gifted students vary in their talents and interests.

  2. Gifted students need educational opportunities that match their unique needs.

  3. Gifted students can and should play a major role in designing their unique paths to graduation and beyond.

Workshop Topics

Workshop Benefits
For students

  • Networking with like-ability peers

  • Empowerment to take charge of their own education

For advocates

  • Networking with students and other supportive adults

  • Greater understanding of each gifted individual's wants and needs

 For districts

  • GT programming becomes more student focused, matched to student needs

  • Gifted students become partners in their own education